OM Telecom Hotel IP TV

Our Hotel IPT V is a compact, high-integrated and flexible solution for hotel TV based on the Android TV or Android STB, provides multiple features, such as live TV, Video On Demand, TV record and playback, and it also provides customized services like hotel logo shown on TV, hotel introduction, welcome message, multiple language service, video door bell, service call, tourist map, consumption details, etc., all these features can be easy customized by hotel requirements.

Features of our IP TV solution

  • Low bandwidth: All service are running on LAN network, compare with internet TV and web TV, no any internet bandwidth occupied.
  • Easy operation: One universal TV remote controller instead of using multiple remote controller in traditional hotel TV system, succinct and fashionable, no any third-party advertisement.
  • Customized aspect: Hotel logo, hotel pictures, hotel video introduction, etc., giving deep impression to customers, contribute to raise hotel brand recognition and advertise the hotel culture.
  • Simple management: All service can be managed in head-end computer room, no need configure each TV in room one by one, efficient and saving time and cost.
  • High-integrated and Stable: All digital signal integrated in a computer room, easy to maintain.
  • Full HD support: Full HD TV provide an excellent picture quality to the hotel guests, support from D1 to 1080P full HD TV.

IP TV Functions


Display the hotel logo and image when power on TV /STB;

Advertising Video

Display the hotel advertising video. Introduce the hotel service. (support press any key to continue.)

Welcome message and Language select

Display the welcome information according to different guest gender and name.

OSD Message

Sending message to the specified room or all rooms through the management platform.

Hotel introduction

To improve the hotel brand, attract clients, promote the hotel service, we provide various media like picture, video and music to introduce the hotel service.

Live TV

We provide two optional Live TV:

  1. 1. MB/DVB-T RF live TV;
  2. 2. LAN UDP multicast / http(hls) unicast live TV;

All these are come from head-end device(such as DVB-C, DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, HD/SD Encoder,etc.). Live TV support playback (optional).

Video On Demand

Now to meet more entertainment requirement of clients, VoD is required by many hotel, clients can watch favorite movie or interesting TV by VoD system; hotel can easy build their own VOD movie storage and classify them by the web menu provided by our VoD server.

Other Functions

Hotel IPTV system support various function extension such as billing details checking, video door bell, service calling, etc.