Hotels and resorts require to provide quality and high-speed Internet, Wireless connectivity and video streaming for their guests.

Also the hotel own IT systems demand high-availability and speedy networks.

OM Telecom offers you the best telecommunications solutions for your business.

Simplify the telecom infrastructure of your hotel or resort

Forget about complex and expensive copper Ethernet infrastructure and move forward to optical fiber GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network) standard.

The advantages of GPON networks are:

  • Simple network topology with only two type of devices: The central OLT (Optical Line Terminal) and the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) located at each room of your hotel
  • The bandwidth of the single connection between the OLT and the ONTs is 2.4 Gbps down and 1.2 Gb/s up, providing enough Internet bandwidth for video streaming and multimedia TV for your guests
  • Easily connect all the devices in your resort network: IP Television, Voice over IP phones, WIFI Access points, Video surveillance, Computers, printers, point of sales, etc
  • Maximum link length up to 20 Kilometers versus 100 Meters in Ethernet, especially good for large resorts
  • Increase your WIFI coverage connecting more access points to your ONT and in difficult to reach areas like terraces, gardens, swimming pool areas, beach fronts, etc
  • Connect up to 1028 ONTs to each OLT
  • Reduce electricity bills with less equipment and racks
  • Reduce maintenance and support costs with a simpler plug and play network
  • Absence of electromagnetic radiation

OM Telecom GPON Solution

We use solutions provided by ZTE, Huawei and AOX Tech. However we could implement solutions from other suppliers based on our clients requirements.

Our solution allows to distribute advanced IP services – Including Video, voice and data – through optical fiber cabling with the maximum quality and reliability.

OM Telecom also offers different types of SLA (Service Level Agreement), including 24×7 on-site and remote support services.


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