During 2018 we have focused on developing our own optical fiber cabling technique and on creating partnerships with suppliers in order to attain up to a 60% cost reduction on buried cable projects. These reductions are possible because our installation method makes use of micro-ducts, meaning that the optical fiber is sustainable in time, and that the installation process in itself is much less invasive.

Another source of the cost reduction that we have achieved is our partnership with the most successful Korean supplier of Micro-ducts for the redesign and distribution of their products. This agreement allows us to be more competitive in relation to larger companies. Our partner has had an important role in the installation in the Korean Fiber Optic networks that today are an integral part of their national communications system and is actively performing extensive telecom research.

Another one of our strengths is our Joint Venture with one of the lead Fiber Optic providers in Asia (Japanese-Chinese). Through this partnership our company has the ability to customize Fiber Optic orders, according to the demands of each project / client while guaranteeing quality standards that meet, and exceed, industry requirements at competitive pricing.

At the same time, OM designs and develops CATV Headend solutions under IP-QAM technology and GPON and HFC architectures.