Company Overview

OM Telecom, S.A. is a company established since 2008 under Dominican law.

Our primary purpose is to market the best value Fiber Optic Cables. We also promote sustainable development by cabling remote areas.

By harmoniously combining world-class technology, superior performance of the products we offer, efficiency in delivery time and a highly skilled support staff we have achieved outstanding placement in the Caribbean area and have been constantly meeting our growth goals.

Our products represent the company’s commitment to provide an unparalleled selection of reliable products, which in turn has allowed us to contribute to the development of our local telecommunications industry.

Why OM Telecom?

We have ample experience in helping telecommunication companies attain growth goals.

We are well connected with the most reliable global suppliers of telecom products and services, which in turn allows us to provide timely and high quality service.

The products we offer are the most cost-effective in our market.

We guarantee the products and services we offer.

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